Special Thanksgiving order

Our farm friends at Lancaster Farm fresh will have local organic birds for Thanksgiving.  Order by Tuesday Nov 16th  to be delivered Tuesday Nov 23
Checks can be made out to Montclair food co-op.  Members would be asked to pick up no later than 12 noon to make sure its fresh. Pick up at 40 St. Luke’s Place Montclair-  Red house. There will be no storage options. Price will be finalized at packing and weighing.

Pastured, organically fed and raised
Fresh White Broad Breasted turkeys $3.60 per lb
Small (10-14 lbs), medium (14-19 lbs), and large (19+ lbs).

Other birds are pastured raised, fed GMO-free feed
Fresh Guinea Hens are about 3 lbs at $3.70 a lb
Frozen Peking ducks are 41/2 to 5 lbs and $4.15 per lb
Frozen Toulouse Goose are about 9 – 12 lbs at $4.69 per lb.

use link below to order:

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