What’s In The Box? Aug. 6th

MCFC CSA 10 Friday August 6


Yellow Cling Peaches


Red plums

Yellow Shiro Plums


Mutzu Apples

Yellow seedless Watermelon or cantaloupe from Lancaster PA


Heirloom Golden summer squash


Red leaf lettuce

Green leaf lettuce

Yellow onions

Bi-color corn

Red Field tomatoes

Green beans

Collard greens

Beet Greens

Green Kale


Green bell peppers

Heirloom Star of David okra

Heirloom Rosa Blanca Eggplant

Variety of heirloom tomatoes: Brandywine, Green Zebra, Brandywine pink, Zapotec Pleated, Carolina Gold.

All Organic and ecologically grown in NY State. Enjoy!

Amounts may vary from box to box, not every item may be in your box.

The farmers cannot always guarantee delivery all items.


Pastured Organic Brown Eggs from Havenwood Farms

Wow! What a wonderful selection of heirloom vegetables! Many are not available in supermarkets and have not been seen by many members!

Starting with the Rosa Blanca Eggplant and sweet looking eggplant with a mild flavor, and the wonderful variety of heirloom tomatoes and zucchini and the fascinating Star of David Okra originating from Israel, and gets its name from the shape that appears when it is sliced. Try it sautéed in oil or dredged in flour and fried and served over rice for a special accent on your dinner.

Although delicate, heirloom tomatoes make delicious fresh dishes such as salsa or fresh tomato juice ( yum!) Or pureed into soup or sauce. Enjoy!

Thanks to all our volunteers who helped this week!

Reminder: Eggs and flowers are no longer part of the full share as they were in past years. They must be purchased separately.


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